About Us

About Us

Thank you for your interest in Emirates Private School – Abu Dhabi. EPS is a unique school with a meticulous and very special philosophy. Put simply, it is our core objective that, during their time with us, every individual student makes a constructive difference - a difference to their personal lives and a difference to the lives of others.

While we have towering expectations and are motivated for our students, we also know that for them to be successful, we need to provide a kind, caring and challenging atmosphere in which they can cultivate and flourish. We stress to all our students that what really matters is not just gaining qualifications for their own sake but learning - always being open to personal growth, having a attitude that welcomes and tackles problems and being flexible when times get tough.

This is a very significant achievement and is only possible due to the high caliber teaching staff and a competent leadership team. This achievement becomes even more significant by the fact that 2014 will witness the graduation of its 28th batch of school leavers.

Our students and our exceptional staff team are our two most prized assets. Such is their caliber, from over 20 different nationalities, that we believe that there are no boundaries to what they can achieve.

Emirates Private School
Admission Procedures :

For further information kindly contact us
Admissions for the current school year and the next academic year are open, You will be contacted when places become available. Please be advised that siblings take priority and we look at FS1 places first. All other year groups are only available if a current child leaves the school. We may not know this information until the summer holidays We currently hold school tours with a Welcome from the school Principal, on a monthly basis. 

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